Hot or cold – How would you like your surströmming Sir?

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For those of you who enjoy vaping Swedish Fish, surströmming is one variant you’re unlikely to see at your local vape store any time soon. It’s among the most rank-smelling food products the world has ever known. But I’d happily scoff down a tin or two if it meant escaping the heads-I-win-tails-you-lose situation facing the ecig industry right now.

The Swedish government published its 174 page transposition of the Tobacco Products Directive today. I was expecting this mighty tome to contain a whole raft of gold-plating additions to the dismal Article 20 laws on ecigs. But there weren’t any.

Does this mean that Swedish vapers will only be subjected to the daftness of the common-or-garden Article 20, with no added wibble?

No. Or at least, not yet anyway. Because the document notes that they haven’t really bothered to look at Article 20 yet. That’s because everyone’s still waiting for the…

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