Facebook vaping groups – a call to action

Reblogging this important text.

The Vaped Crusader


I’m a member of several vaping groups on Facebook.    All have their own distinct tone – some are dedicated to the making of e-liquids, some focus on the politics, most are, purely and simply, a celebration of vaping.

Joyous comments about some obscure American premium eliquid (statistically most likely to be a custard derivative), comments or questions about a particular brand of tank, batteries, coils, wicks.   You get the picture.   Vaping stuff.


And, nice though it is to read about all these wondrous things I can’t help feeling more than a little sad inside.

You see, come next year, May to be precise, those helpful people in the European union are passing a law that will, effectively, destroy EVERYTHING that people are currently posting on these vaping groups.

I see not one person posting up how great the new ”Blu” they’ve bought is or how the flavour of…

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